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Penny's Peace of Paradise

A gringa and her family's adventures living in Costa Rica.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Turning Tica, Si! Oh Yes, I Think So...

It's official, I'm turning into a Tica, and here is why:

#1 When we first arrived in Costa Rica, I thought the women dressed very provocatively. Tight and revealing, regardless of less than fit bodies, and always strutting around in high heels. Late teens through great grandmothers, they all flaunt what they've got! As a fifty year old, ex hippy, I ambled around in my sensible flats (often Birkenstocks,) loose fitting shirts, and comfortable khakis, camouflaging, what I felt, was my less than perfect body. In the states, the obsession with thin is ingrained in every woman from a young age. My first diet was in middle school. Latin women embrace their figures and feminism, some of it has to do with the slightly "macho" society, but the women here are confident in their female form. Many exercise daily and try to eat healthier. Their tight clothes often reveal bulges, pooches, and bumps, but they are comfortable in their skin. They know that dressing up a bit, and taking a few extra minutes on your appearance, makes you feel beautiful and radiate confidence. I now embrace my feminine side and get my nails done, wear a bit of make-up, close fitting clothes, and heels. I feel great, and get appreciative looks, and compliments from friends.

My new look:

The Cinema Society Hosts A Screening Of "Precious" - Arrivals

just kidding...

#2 Ticas keep a clean house. I am many things, creative, optimistic, fun loving, but not a neat-nik. I appreciate organization, and get into putting a closet into shape, every now and then, but the daily tidying, sweeping, mopping, etc... NOT! Well, it's beginning to change, I am taking pride in my neat and tidy casa. Things are far from most Tico homes, but I'm working on it!

#3 While I'm on this topic, let's take a peek into my Tico bathroom, shall we...

Perhaps, because this is a rental Tico home, it seems appropriate, but never in a thousand years, would I have wanted to dress up my toilet in the states! I think this is the ultimate proof that I am a Tica now.

Totally Tica