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Penny's Peace of Paradise

A gringa and her family's adventures living in Costa Rica.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"If You Don't Have Something Nice To Say..."

We love Costa Rica! Check out our nearby hot springs.

That said, for some reason, many expats here complain, and complain, and complain! It's exasperating. Almost everyone here has chosen to relocate here, yet they spend precious time grousing about minutia. Life is not perfect here, but for those who come here with their eyes open, can speak some Spanish, and are optimists, this opportunity is a gift! Transplants have to adapt to the pace and the Costa Rican mindset. Dealing with bureaucracies is exasperating everywhere, but Cost Rica takes it up a notch. However, not having the addition of a meddling military, like other Latin countries, makes it much more bearable. When I hear folks complain, I usually attribute it to being retired, with time on their hands, but I believe living abroad is not for many, and the complaints are a symptom of this. You need to possess the attributes I listed above and spend time here, in many locations. Talk to as many expats as you can here, but don't believe everything you hear, consider the source, WHERE they live and HOW they live. ! I read blogs by expats already living here, before I moved, but be warned, you'll see some complaining there too.

Consider why you want to move abroad. Economic woes, most certainly won't be repaired here, and you should probably know who you are, rather than trying to find yourself once you land in a foreign country. My advice may sound a bit harsh, but you only want to make a move like this after research, and soul searching. Perhaps then, at least the number of unhappy expats here in Costa Rica will drop. I recommend:

blog expat

Click on the suitcase above, to sample the experiences of many expats in foreign lands.


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