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Penny's Peace of Paradise

A gringa and her family's adventures living in Costa Rica.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

POP...Goes the Stresses!

We went to Gringo Bingo today, it was a fund raiser for the local Conversation Cafe. This is a generous group of English speakers that meet in the local municipal building, every Saturday afternoon, to sit down with ticos wanting to learn English, or improve their skills. Refreshments are provided, which is why they held the fund-raiser. We had a ball, it was well organized and entertaining!

Just about every gringo I've met, gratefully gives back, in their own way, to the people of our adopted home. From installing libraries in public schools, chatting it up at the conversation cafe, coaching soccer, or doing all they can to lend a hand.

My friend visiting the states, is anxious to come home. We forget the level of stress we have left behind. We may indulge in the delicious foods we've missed, shop for the unattainable at Ikea and Target, but at the end of the day, we are reminded why we have chosen a different life for ourselves. A stress-free life, peaceful and secure, and not consumed with dangers and pitfalls around every corner. We don't have to reorganize our priorities constantly as circumstances fluctuate. We know what is important and understand how fortunate we are to have this opportunity.

I give you this gift of bubble wrap, so click on the post title, and you can experience some of our bliss!

Peace out


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